Helps the body eliminate heavy metals and promotes detoxification *

Heavy metals are naturally present in our environment and their concentration has increased considerably with industrialization. Heavy metals are extremely toxic, even at low doses, because of their small size, they accumulate easily in the body, mainly in the bones, liver, kidneys and brain. Cadmium, selenium, mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium, copper and nickel … are the most known heavy metals. Smokers, regular consumers (more than 3 times a week) of fatty fish (salmon, tuna, swordfish …) and seafood but also people working in certain trades such as the chemical, electrical and electronic industries , iron and steel, automotive, aerospace, painting, building, glass, jewelery, printing, kitchen and household appliance manufacturing, medical instruments , ammunition and batteries, incineration and recycling plants, agriculture, refineries, tanneries … are particularly exposed to heavy metals. Prolonged or repeated exposure can be harmful to health and can lead to symptoms such as: nervousness, anxiety, tingling of hands, dizziness … but also the cause of more severe pathologies.

UGS : PHY362 Catégorie :


DETOXSSENTIEL MÉTAUX LOURDS is composed of a synergistic complex for an essential global action and specific assets to help the body eliminate heavy metals.

A synergistic complex for an indispensable action
200 mg of α-lipoic acid
600 mg de betaine
142 mg of curcumin that prevents the accumulation of fat and facilitates their destocking by the liver
300 mg of piloselle that facilitates the elimination functions of the body
20 mg of green tea catechins that facilitates the elimination functions of the body

A micronutritional complex «Suvimine 12®»

Specific bio-actives for a targeted and effective action
300 mg de N-acetylcysteine
1,6 g of malic acid
800 mg of spirulina
30 mg of horsetail silica
200 mg of chlorella * helps the body to excrete heavy metals
120 mg of calcium
300 mg of magnesium