Protects from the action of free radicals due to pollution *

Air pollution is a reality, we are all exposed daily to a multitude of chemical pollutants. International bodies constantly warn the public about this alarming finding and the consequences for health.

Indeed, scientific studies show that acute or chronic exposure to air pollutants increases the risk of developing many pathologies for the entire population, and more particularly for children, pregnant women and people, but also, people with allergies, cardio-respiratory diseases and smokers.

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DETOXSSENTIEL POLLUTION ATMOSPHÉRIQUE is composed of a synergistic complex for an indispensable global action and specific assets to protect the body from free radicals due to atmospheric pollution *

A synergistic complex for an indispensable action
200 mg of α-lipoic acid
600 mg of betaine
142 mg of curcumin that prevents the accumulation of fat and facilitates their destocking by the liver
300 mg of piloselle that facilitates the elimination functions of the body
20 mg of green tea catechins that facilitates the elimination functions of the body
A micronutritional complex «Suvimine 12®»

Specific bio-actives for a targeted and effective action
150 mg of glutathione in S-acetyl form from biotechnology «  »EMOTHION » » guaranteeing bioavailability and optimal quality
100 mg L-cysteine
100 mg de L-méthionine
1,3 g clary sage * protects the body from oxidative stress due to pollution
240 mg of milk thistle silymarin that helps improve digestive and hepatic functions and has hepatoprotective activity
60 mg carnosic rosemary acid that helps protect the body from cellular damage caused by oxidative stress
28 mg of broccoli glucoraphanes