Stimulates the body’s purification mechanism during a period of thinning *

Toxins and toxins not eliminated by the body are stored in fatty tissues. During a period of slimming, the release of these toxins and toxins intensifies, giving rise to symptoms such as: fatigue, constipation, muscle aches, bad breath …

If they are not eliminated quickly the significant release of these toxins and toxins may increase the risk of developing some more severe pathologies.

UGS : PHY363 Catégorie :


DETOXSSENTIEL MINCEUR is composed of a synergistic complex for an essential global action and specific active ingredients to help the body to purify itself during a period of weight loss. *

A synergistic complex for an indispensable action

200 mg of α-lipoic acid
600 mg betaine
142 mg of curcumin that prevents the accumulation of fat and facilitates their destocking by the liver
300 mg of piloselle which facilitates the functions of elimination of the organism,
20 mg of green tea catechins that facilitates the elimination functions of the body
A micronutritional complex «Suvimine 12®»

Specific bio-actives for a targeted and effective action:

300 mg of N-acetylcysteine
2 g of L-glycine
100 mg of L-taurine
500 mg of orthosiphon * that stimulates the body’s natural cleansing mechanism and promotes weight loss as part of a diet
22.5 mg Artichoke Cynarin containing antioxidants that help protect cells and tissues from oxidation