Helps regulate hormonal activity *

The World Health Organization defines endocrine disruptors as « substances or a mixture of substances that alter the functions of the endocrine system and thereby induce adverse effects in an intact organism and its offspring ».

Present in almost all of our consumer products: cosmetics, household products, food packaging, toys … our exposure to endocrine disruptors at high concentrations is permanent.

By their action «  »hormone-like » », that is to say by mimicking and / or blocking and / or interfering with the action of hormones, endocrine disruptors induce a hormonal balance, which can ultimately lead to the development of many pathologies .

During the embryonic, fetal, childhood and puberty periods, where organs are in development and subject to hormone regulation, limiting exposure to endocrine disruptors is essential.

UGS : PHY361 Catégorie :


DETOXSSENTIEL PERTUBATEURS ENDOCRINIENS is composed of a synergistic complex for an essential global action and specific actives to regulate the hormonal activity.

A synergistic complex for an indispensable action
200 mg of α-lipoic acid
600 mg betaine
142 mg of curcumin that prevents the accumulation of fat and facilitates their destocking by the liver
300 mg of piloselle which facilitates the functions of elimination of the organism
20 mg of green tea catechins that facilitates the elimination functions of the body
A micronutritional complex «  »Suvimine 12® » » including vitamin B6 * that helps regulate hormonal activity

Specific bio-actives for a targeted and effective action:
100 mg L-cysteine
2 g of glycine
100 mg of L- methionine
65 μg de molybdenum
100 mg L- taurine
20 mg of broccoli glucoraphanes
140 mg of milk thistle silymarin which contributes to the improvement of the digestive and hepatic functions and has a hepatoprotective activity