Detoxification is a natural process essential to maintaining health. The liver plays a central role. It provides this function through many metabolic pathways. Depending on the nature of the toxic compound, the path (s) of detoxification sought (s) will be different (s).

There are 7 main main detoxification routes :

  • Conjugaison xith glutathione

  • Sulfation

  • Glycination
  • Conjugaison with taurine

  • Glucuronidation
  • Acetylation

  • Methylation

For exemple :

  • atmospheric pollution solicits the glutathione conjugation pathway;

  • exposure to heavy metals leads to activation of glutathione conjugation pathways and methylation;

  • endocrine disruptors activate glucuronidation, sulfation and methylation pathways;

  • alcohol solicits the glutathione conjugation and sulfation pathways;

  • weight loss works through glutathione conjugation, glycination, taurine conjugation, and acetylation.

To carry out an effective detoxification cure, it is necessary to reinforce the route (s) of elimination (s) specific (s) to the toxic exposure:

it is the principle of targeted detoxification.