It is necessary to regularly perform detoxification treatments.
Depending on your needs and your profile of exposure to pollutants, targeted detoxification can be performed for several courses a year.

Seasonal changes, March and October, are ideal times to undertake a detoxification cure. It can also be carried out after a period of excess food, such as holidays, or conversely as a result of a diet or a significant weight loss (pollutants are destocked at the end of the year). melting fat mass).

It may also be relevant to detoxify your body after anesthesia, or after heavy alcohol consumption.

This exposure to toxicants of all kinds is even more worrying in vulnerable subjects, or at specific times in life such as: pre-conception, pregnancy, fetal life, early childhood and puberty.

People suffering from chronic cardio-respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases are particularly sensitive to toxic exposure.

The more our body is exposed to toxic compounds (heavy metals, pollution, endocrine disruptors, drugs, alcohol, weight loss), the more our natural detoxification system will be saturated and must be vigorously supported.

Considered as poisons, these poisons cause the appearance of functional signs, which must be considered as a warning signal of their presence in our body.

The frequency and type of targeted toxicants are specific to each individual. It is important to adapt the detoxification treatment according to age, lifestyle, profession and medical history.

Minimizing exposure to pollutants and supporting our body with targeted and personalized detoxification is an effective prevention strategy for finding a healthy and healthy body.