Over time, toxins accumulate in our body and are stored in fatty tissue.

These toxins have different origins:

  • food (presence of pesticides, antibiotics, lead, mercury, additives …);

  • the environment (atmospheric pollution …);

  • hygiene and cosmetic products (make-up, toothpaste, perfume …);

  • alcohol and tobacco

There is a low-noise, chronic release by the fatty tissues. However, in case of weight loss (more or less important), these stored toxic are massively released. According to the Adipotox study, their concentration gradually increases throughout weight loss. This study shows that over time, the total burden of toxins only decreases by 10 to 15%, suggesting recapture by adipose tissue. This increase of toxins in the bloodstream can have harmful consequences for the body.

This can cause different clinical symptoms:

  • significant fatigue;

  • episodes of constipation;

  • muscle pain;

  • bad breath

In addition, in the longer term, these toxic substances present in the body can induce the development of certain pathologies: imbalances of the intestinal microbiota, cutaneous diseases (acne, psoriasis, eczema …), cardiovascular diseases as well as the elevation of blood lipids, decreased fertility, testicular atrophy, reduced fetal weight, fetal mortality, and malformations.

In case of diet or weight loss (more or less fast), it is essential to carry out a detoxification cure targeted to support the liver in the neutralization and elimination of toxic released by the melting of fat mass.