Everything starts with food !

In combination with a detoxification cure, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of saturated fats (meat, sausages, cheese, butter), sweets as well as processed products, favoring fresh produce and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Because of their ability to accumulate certain heavy metals (mercury) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), it is necessary to reduce its consumption of fatty fish (tuna, salmon …) and seafood.

Some cooking methods can be harmful to your health. Indeed, any cooking at high temperature (at more than 250 ° C) causes the formation of toxic chemicals on the surface of food, mainly when it comes to meat and fish.

The barbecue releases for example certain molecules (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amino acids) known for their carcinogenic and / or genotoxic effects.

In terms of food preservation, we can in the same way be confronted with so-called chemical contaminations, with the migrants of packaging, especially with plastic.

Our home

In fact, industrialization and the development of transport are responsible for the pollution of cities. International organizations constantly warn citizens and public authorities about the level of intoxication of large cities and its consequences on health.

Scientific studies confirm that pollution in our homes is higher than that outside, due in particular to:

  • mold, which leads to the degradation of surface coatings (loose paint …);
  • the coating of the walls (painting, wallpapers …);
  • carpets;
  • insulation and construction materials;
  • furniture (especially wood, with treatment products);
  • disinfectants;
  • the fragrances of household products;
  • the cleaning wipes;
  • aerosol cans …

To limit the pollution of our homes, it is therefore important to air a daily ten minutes to significantly reduce the concentration of pollutants in our home. Similarly, for cleaning, it should promote natural products (black soap, baking soda, vinegar, lemon …).

Hygiene and cosmetic products

Indeed, it is now established that some deodorants, perfumes, make-up products, sun products, face and body care products (moisturizing cream, body milk, anti-wrinkle products, etc.), as well as dental hygiene products, for babies and children and hair care contain many toxic substances.

These can be irritating, allergenic, and are also endocrine disruptors.

This is why it is advisable to favor hygiene products and natural and organic cosmetics, which will be preservative free and paraben free. Fragrance-containing products should be avoided as they may contain more toxic molecules.

Life tips

Here are some simple tips to follow to reduce our exposure to various toxins:

  • Favor seasonal fruits and vegetables;

  • Promote stainless steel stoves and keep your food in glass or ceramic jars and not in plastic;

  • Avoid putting plastic in the microwave;

  • Promote natural cleansing products (lemon, vinegar …);

  • Ventilate your home daily for about ten minutes;

  • Use the least amount of cosmetics, and favor those resulting from organic farming;

  • Limit the use of products with fragrances;

  • Wash new clothes before wearing them;

Other additional tips to follow in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding:

  • Take dietary supplements supplemented with minerals and vitamins providing 150 μg of iodine a day;

  • Limit your consumption of fatty fish (salmon, tuna …) (once a week);

  • Take medication only on medical advice;

After childbirth :

  • Give priority to glass bottles;

  • Avoid baby creams containing paraben or phthalates;

  • Favor the layers without perfume;

  • Limit to a minimum the products applied to your baby;

  • Prefer cotton clothing from organic farming;

  • Choose products with a limited number of components;

  • Wash the fluff before use and ventilate the toys once unpacked;

  • Promote guaranteed toys “phthalate-free” or “PVC-free”;


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